Published October 9, 2021 | Version v1
Conference paper Open

Incremental Interval Assignment by Integer Linear Algebra

  • 1. Sandia National Laboratories


Interval Assignment (IA) is the problem of selecting the number of mesh edges (intervals) for each curve for conforming quad and hex meshing. The intervals x is fundamentally integer-valued, yet many approaches perform floating-point optimization and convert a floating-point solution into an integer solution. We avoid such steps: we start integer, stay integer. Incremental Interval Assignment (IIA) uses integer linear algebra (Hermite normal form) to find an initial solution to the matrix equation Ax = b satisfying the meshing constraints. Solving for reduced row echelon form provides integer vectors spanning the nullspace of A. We add vectors from the nullspace to improve the initial solution. Compared to floating-point optimization approaches, IIA is faster and always produces an integer solution. The potential drawback is that there is no theoretical guarantee that the solution is optimal, but in practice we achieve solutions close to the user goals. The software is freely available.



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