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Sources of Stress and Factors Affecting the Job Satisfaction of Public and Private Secondary Teachers in San Isidro and Tabango, Leyte


This study aimed to determine the sources of stress, factors that affect job satisfaction, and gender differences among public and private secondary teachers in the six identified secondary schools in the municipality of San Isidro and Tabango, Leyte. A quantitative descriptive cross-sectional research design was employed in this study. A self-administered survey questionnaire with 45 items for teacher stress adapted from Borg et al. (2006) and teacher's job satisfaction (TFS, 2001) was distributed to 112 secondary teachers using purposive sampling. The data were statistically analyzed using descriptive statistics and Z-test for statistical differences. Results revealed that the teachers' most occupational stress was the student’s misbehavior due to students’ poor attitude towards work, noisiness, and impolite behavior. However, secondary teachers were satisfied with their teaching job, particularly on the school's safety, such as the location, security policies, and practices. Male and female secondary teachers showed no significant gender difference in the different stressors they experienced. The study further recommends that psychological intervention programs be given to teachers who experienced different stress. They must be exposed to management training dealing with diverse student behavior.


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