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Maintaining and Evaluating the Integrity of Digital Evidence in Chain of Custody

  • 1. Department of Computing Sciences and Engineering, Vellore Institute of Technology, Bhopal (M.P), India.
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The Chain of Custody is an intrinsic part of any inspection. Maintaining and evaluating the integrity of evidence procured from a crime scene is an important part that needs to be done properly by following a certain set of protocols to make the evidence admissible in the court. Keeping track of the evidence right from the moment it was collected from the crime scene till the time it reaches court is also a major task. It is important for the investigator to know how, where and who handles the evidence during analysis at each phase in order to safeguard the integrity of the evidence. Over a period of time, various tools and technologies have been created to handle evidence. Researchers from across the globe have presented various techniques on how evidence should be handled. Many researchers have even incorporated blockchain technology with the chain of custody or life cycle of evidence to make the process stronger. The growth in this domain has been at a rapid pace. This paper presents a method on “Maintaining and Evaluating the Integrity of a Digital Evidence in Chain of Custody” using a global positioning system. The methodology focuses on the use of global positioning system tags or chips which when embedded with the collected evidence enables an investigator to track the evidence throughout its life cycle. The proposed methodology aims to help the investigators to keep track of the evidence throughout its life cycle using very basic tools like FTK Imager and technology like a global positioning system. 



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