Published September 16, 2021 | Version 1.0
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GOhydro Literature Review Light Database

  • 1. University of Copenhagen
  • 2. University of Agriculture and Veterinary Medicine


GOhydro Literature Review Light Database contains information on microgreens production environments, with a focus on light impacts. It contains data on both environmental conditions and the resulting outputs for microgreens; this includes data on production conditions (i.e. quality and quantity of light, duration, temperature, relative humidity, CO2 concentration, etc.), and outputs (e.g. ascorbic acid, fresh weight, glucosinolates, etc.). There are 42 papers on microgreens production that vary light conditions in this database, with each paper described by title, author, methodology, yield parameters, and results. Values presented in the papers were extracted from both tables and figures. Data was mined from figures via the Automeris software ( Data is presented per row, with each unique treatment's value having a corresponding row, including common environmental description (such as temperature, relative humidity, etc.). The only modification to the data was made for either a) converting between metric units, or b) transforming data from dry weight to fresh weight, using experimental values for species-specific conversion ratios, as mentioned in GOhydro Deliverable 1.1, which presents both discussion about, and presentation of, the data contained in this dataset. 

Where the data is highlighted in red, this means that the data is either a) a variable that cannot be compared to others, or b) was such an outlier that it was not used for comparison purposes. Either way, the highlighted red data was not used for comparison purposes which presented results in the Deliverable 1.1. 

Where possible, all data are presented for both means and standard errors. For instance, the standard errors are presented in the adjacent columns next to labeled value columns. 

Extra sheets contain screenshots or data extracted from the corresponding papers. A full reference sheet can be found in GOhydro Deliverable 1.1 to locate specific papers. 


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