Published October 31, 2018 | Version v1
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paperChain D05.1 - "Implementation of Circular Case 5. Mining sector"

  • 1. Luleå University of Technology
  • 2. Lulea Tekniska Universitet Institutionen för Samhällsbyggnad
  • 3. Boliden
  • 4. RISE Processum


This guidance is based on results and experience from research projects and pilot experiments performed prior to the Paperchain project and a demonstration at Näsliden Mine, owned by Boliden Mineral AB. The R&D work was done by a consortium including Boliden Mineral AB, Processum, Luleå University of Technology, RagnSell AB, Ecoloop AB, Ramböll AB.

GLD are used to improve till, a soil available near the mine sites, to fulfil the technical requirements of a sealing layer material in the proposed solution, the GLD are mixed with till and compacted in a 50-cm thick layer. The present guidance describes the principle of mine remediation, the design of covers, and the quality control procedures necessary to ensure the quality of the final product. Further advices are provided regarding the construction of the cover and adequate machinery to mix and compact the materials.

This guidance gives necessary information for the PPI, waste managers and the mining industry to manage the remediation of mine waste deposits using GLD based sealing layers.


paperChain-D05.1-(Implementation of Circular Case 5. Mining sector).pdf

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