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paperChain D04.3 - "Recycling analysis of the end-of life of developed products"

  • 1. University of Aveiro


Society changed its vision about the end of life of products and has been finding solutions, such as incorporation of wastes as alternative raw materials. Thus, the PAPERCHAIN project is focused on the valorisation of several PPI wastes into a variety of industrial and construction solutions:

  • Lime mud/ash as filler in precast concrete (Circular Case 1a)

  • Green Liquor dregs (GLDs) and slacker grits as filler and fine aggregate in

    asphalt pavement (Circular case 1b)

  • Wastepaper ash (WPA) as hydraulic road binder applications in transport

    infrastructures or road sector (Circular case 2)

  • Paper Sludge Ash (PSA) and Deinking Paper Sludge (DPS) as slope stabilization

    or gabions walls construction material in railway sector (Circular case 3)

  • Green liquor dregs as reactive sealing layers for acid rock drainage mitigation

    in mineral waste deposits in mining sector (Circular case 5)



paperChain-D04.3-(Recycling analysis of the end-of life of developed products)_2.pdf

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PAPERCHAIN – New market niches for the Pulp and Paper Industry waste based on circular economy approaches 730305
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