Published May 9, 2021 | Version 2.0
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Integrating ADTs in KeY and their Application to History-based Reasoning: Proof Files


The project files for the article `Integrating ADTs in KeY and their Application to History-based reasoning.' The archive contains:

  • The bundled version of KeY, key-2.8.0-exe.jar.
  • The java source code of the project.
  • Isabelle code (Collections. thy). The Isabelle version we use is Isabelle 2020. It can be download from the official website.
  • Several user-defined lemmas that we need when we do the proof (addAll_rule.key)
  • A number of proof files that can be loaded in KeY that verifies the contract for our case study.
  • A document showing the proof settings in KeY.

Compare to Version 1.0, this version updates the taclets which uses "find" and "replacewith".  The taclet uses these two sentences correspond to a bi-implcation, since the term can appear on both sides of the sequent.


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