Published August 13, 2021 | Version 2021_08_13
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konstructive - A Millimetric, Recursive, base-Twelve Norm for the Construction of Physical Objects

  • 1. United Scientists CORE (Limited)


Standardization is a development across many areas of engineering and commerce. Organizations in charge of developing standards can abuse their position by introducing standards that lack technical merit, but are aimed at increasing consumption. Conversely, standardization may avoid consumption if standardized parts are reused and incorporated into new useful objects. Thus, establishing a standard for the construction of physical objects could greatly reduce consumption and the associated use of resources. With this environmental focus as a motivation, I developed konstructive, a versatile construction standard. The standard has the millimetre as the base unit and interfaces with standard metric hardware. The base grid dimension is 12 mm. Parts generated on this grid interface with parts that possess half (6 mm) and double (24 mm) the 12 mm base grid size. This factoring can be recursively extended to generate parts that are based on smaller (3 mm, 1.5mm, etc.) and larger (48 mm, 96 mm, etc.) grids. The presented standard is non-proprietary and avoids complexity. Therefore, objects composed of parts that use the standard can be freely shared, manufactured, repaired, maintained, and locally adapted.




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