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S&R Use Case 4: Forest fire expanded and threat to industrial zone (Kineta, Agioi Theodoroi, Greece) - Pilot plan


Each year, wildfires result to high mortality rates and property losses, especially in the wildland-urban interface (WUI), affecting millions of people and have devastating global consequences on biodiversity and the ecosystems.
The pilot will take place in an urban area mixed with the forest that is situated nearby an industrial zone.
It has to be considered that wildfire disasters may rapidly change their nature into technological disasters, e.g. in the mixed areas of forest and residential, heavy industrial, or recycle zones.
This pilot is based on a real scenario that took place in an Industrial Zone; Greece was indeed in danger during the wildfires that occurred in July 2018
A wildfire is initiated by arson. Due to the strong winds and the dry forest fuel, later caused by prolonged heat waves 10 days before the fire incident, the fire expands rapidly towards the residential area.
Huge quantities of smoke are produced and hence the nearby communities are requested by the relevant stakeholders to evacuate. The use of aerial Fire-fighting means is restricted due to the strong winds, so all the forces are operating from the ground.
Due to the specific morphology of the area and the extreme meteorological conditions the fire expands and approaches industrial/critical infrastructure facilities. Because of the dense smoke and therefore reduced visibility some of the workers are trapped inside smoke plume and cannot reach a safe place.

The main objective of the pilot is to test the remote sensing technologies proposed in the S&R project for the safety of first responders; alarms for early warning of toxicity and radiation exposure and generally inspection of the hot zone area; use of RPAS/drones, such as rescue robots to facilitate SAR operations.


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