Published June 10, 2021 | Version v3
Conference paper Open

Design and manufacture of the folding mechanism for a Bioinspired Ornithopter

  • 1. GRVC Robotics Lab., Universidad de Sevilla, Seville, Spain


This paper presents a folding mechanism for ornithopter’s wings. The mechanism has been implemented
using rods and joints to replicate wing performance of animal flight. In this sense, bio-inspiration has been the baseline of the design but hard requirements as lightweight and integration with the current platform have also been considered. The final specifications of volume ratio folded/unfolded of 1/3 and additional mass < 100 g/wing with respect to the current structure, make this concept quite promising. Moreover, unlike most of the existent creations, it is intended to allow control of the folding while perching. Bench experiments demonstrate its performance and compatibility with the prototype platform.



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GRIFFIN – General compliant aerial Robotic manipulation system Integrating Fixed and Flapping wings to INcrease range and safety 788247
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