Published July 31, 2021 | Version 1.0
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D8.4 -Dissemination & Communication & Activities Report


The present document primarily identifies the alignment of the Dissemination & Communication (D&C) activities with the overall strategy. It summarizes and illustrates the measures that took place by TheFSM project, and reports the first measures carried out by the consortium partners during the last 18 months of the project, since its kick-off in February 2020 up to the project mid-term in September 2021. These actions had as a goal to:

  1. Promote the developed of solutions that came out of the EU-funded TheFSM project to the different stakeholders (food sector users and tech providers) and to raise awareness about their advantages;
  2. Disseminate the technical and theoretical knowledge generated as part of the consortium towards the scientific community and academia;
  3. Attract a critical mass interested stakeholders around the project and maximize the visibility of our outcomes, especially towards the implementation and utilization of TheFSM platform;
  4. Demonstrate how state-of-art technologies can create an open and collaborative virtual environment that facilitates the exchange and connection of data between different food safety actors interested in sharing information that is critical to certification;
  5. Showcase how European collaboration through the consortium fosters innovation, increases European competitiveness and produces important outcomes that are relevant to citizens everyday lives and aim to tackle main societal challenges concerning food safety, food traceability and food frauds;
  6. Strengthen the engagement with all the identified stakeholders by providing first-hand experience and boost digitally the community around the domain of food safety and food certification.


Furthermore, this document describes the dissemination tools and communication channels used to promote the key messages and the products by the consortium material, with respect to the impact they had on the Key Performance Indicators (KPIs).

Finally, this report refers to the communication and dissemination activities, performed by each partner or by the consortium, and overall, the majority of these activities has been in accordance with the original plan and the KPIs timeline.


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