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Published July 29, 2021 | Version 1.5
Project deliverable Open

NEWSERA - H - POPD - Requirement No. 3 (Deliverable 8.3)

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This document corresponds to D8.3: H - POPD - Requirement No. 3. According to the NEWSERA Grant Agreement, the next information is presented:
● The informed consent procedures that will be implemented for the participation of humans.
● Templates of the informed consent/assent forms and information sheets (in language and terms intelligible to the participants).
● To meet inclusiveness, for children involved in the research, details on how their assent and the consent of the legal representatives will be acquired. An analogous procedure will be applied for vulnerable adults.


D8.3_H_POPD_Requirement_No_3 Deliverable_v1.5.pdf

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