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Behaviour change interventions for more sustainable food consumption A review of three REWE International cases studies

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The overall goal of the VALUMICS project is to provide European decision makers with a comprehensive suite of approaches and tools to evaluate the impact of policies and strategies for enhancing the resilience, integrity and sustainability of food value chains in Europe. Contributing to the project goal, this report is the third in a series of VALUMICS outputs dedicated to food consumption analysis, aimed at understanding opportunities and challenges to drive food consumption behaviour change interventions in the food retail sector. This is done by analysing and learning from three pilot cases conducted by the VALUMICS project partner REWE International AG.

In this context, Chapter 2 reviews the reasons for intention-behaviour gaps in relation to sustainable food consumption among consumers as well as the strategies that retailers may adopt to support change. Chapter 3 presents the three case studies conducted by REWE International as part of their sustainability portfolio and discusses their contribution to more sustainable food consumption and to more sustainable food value chains overall. Each case illustrates a particular strategy for retailer-led
behavioural change, namely choice editing (social standards), choice expansion (returnable milk bottle) and choice environment (greening of stores).

Chapter 4 presents conclusions from the cases, drawing out seven lessons for food retailer-led strategies. In addition to this report, VALUMICS project hosted a webinar on 19 November 2020 providing stakeholders with insights and information under the theme of this report. The video and slide presentations are accessible from the website of VALUMICS: EAT@Home – Putting solutions in the shopping basket. Food retailer approaches and interventions to support more sustainable food consumption.


Dorrich, J., Kastenhofer, K, Gorton, M., Lemke, F., Nicolau, M., Bethge Jan. (2021). Behaviour Change Interventions for More Sustainable Food Consumption. A review of three REWE International cases studies. VALUMICS "Understanding Food Value Chains and Network Dynamics", funded by European Union's Horizon 2020 research and innovation programme GA No 727243. CSCP, Germany, 48 pages.



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