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Published July 13, 2021 | Version 1.0
Project deliverable Open

D3.1 Initial Design of the Compute Federation (Under EC Review)

  • 1. EGI Foundation
  • 2. SURF
  • 3. INFN


The C-SCALE Compute Federation brings together European commercial (e.g. Copernicus DIAS) and public (from e-infrastructure) computing providers to deliver a federated infrastructure to support Copernicus and Earth Observation (EO) use cases that deal with data- and compute-intensive workloads. The federation makes computing e-Infrastructure, potentially consisting of multiple services provided collaboratively by several service providers, accessible through homogeneous interfaces using a common AAI framework. Hence, C-SCALE facilitates the deployment of research applications that make use of  EO and Copernicus datasets, e.g. Sentinel-series satellite data, that are distributed across multiple providers.

This document describes the overall architecture of the C-SCALE Compute Federation, that provides users with the baseline computing resources to perform Earth Observation related analytics on a distributed e-Infrastructure.



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