Published December 28, 2020 | Version v2
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Data release for paper "The Araucaria Project: Deep near-infrared photometric maps of Local and Sculptor Group galaxies. I. Carina, Fornax, Sculptor"

  • 1. Universidad de Concepcion, Departamento de Astronomia, Casilla 160-C, Concepcion, Chile


Contact person:

  • 1. Universidad de Concepción


Deep near-infrared J- and K-band photometry of three Local Group dwarf spheroidal galaxies: Fornax, Carina, and Sculptor, is made available for the community. Until now, these data have only been used by the Araucaria Project to determine distances using the tip of the red giant and RR Lyrae stars. Now, we present the entire data collection in a form of a database, consisting of accurate J- and K-band magnitudes, sky coordinates, ellipticity measurements, and timestamps of observations, complemented by stars' loci in their reference images. Depth of our photometry reaches about 22 mag at 5 sigma level, and is comparable to NIR surveys, like the UKIRT Infrared Deep Sky Survey (UKIDSS) or the VISTA Hemisphere Survey (VHS), and small overlap with VHS and no overlap with UKIDSS makes our database a unique source of quality photometry.

Data release consists of:

  • databases in a form of text files for Carina, Fornax and Sculptor galaxies
    (db_Car.txt, db_For.txt , db_Scu.txt)
  • completeness tables and plots for every field in Carina, Fornax and Sculptor galaxies
    (compl_Car.pdf, compl_Car.txt, compl_Scu.pdf, compl_Scu.txt, compl_For.pdf, compl_For.txt)
  • explanatory file for each galaxy
    (info_Car.txt, info_Scu.txt, info_For.txt)
  • FITS images of scientific quality of all analyzed fields in Carina, Fornax and Sculptor galaxies, archived in tar.gz files


The research leading to these results has received funding from the European Research Council (ERC) under the European Unions Horizon 2020 research and innovation program (grant agreement No 695099). We acknowledge support from Polish Ministry of Science and Higher Education, grant IdP II 2015 0002 64; National Science Center, Poland, grant MAESTRO UMO-2017/26/A/ST9/00446; Millenium Institute of Astrophysics (MAS) of the Iniciativa Cientifica Milenio del Ministerio de Economia, Fomento y Turismo de Chile, project IC120009; BASAL Centro de Astrofisica y Tecnologias Afines (CATA), grant AFP-170002; FONDECYT POSTDOCTORADO, grant 3170703.



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