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D7.1 –Data management platform deployment Report


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This deliverable is reporting task 7.1. Deploying the part data management platform which deploy the data part management platform developed in WP5 - ICT Platforms for Multiple Life cycles in a production environment accessible by various trade levels (automotive part dealers). At this stage, the complexity of providing the platform also to workshops is determined as very high. The remaining infrastructure of the automotive part demonstrator (inspection centres, software infrastructure, logistics, remanufacturing) is already in place with C-ECO, BOSCH and STR; therefore it does not have to be developed in the scope of this project, and this allows WP7- Automotive Parts Demonstrator to start at M20 (in contrast with WP6- White Goods Demonstrator, where Gorenje needs to set up all the reverse supply chain, maintenance and remanufacturing activities need for the white goods demonstrator and started at M1).

Additionally, the use case of the re-selection of 60.000 Bosch Common Rail Injectors CRI2-18, for the collection of additional data and all the necessary steps to set up the second selection and inspection of these cores is described in the document.


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