Published June 28, 2020 | Version v1
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D12.1 Initial report on JRA activities


  • 1. CNR ISTI
  • 1. CNR ISTI
  • 2. FORTH
  • 3. SND


This deliverable describes the progress of JRA activities (WP 12-16) carried out during the first year of the ARIADNEplus project, as requested by task 12.6. It offers an integrated overview of all the technological developments of the project in the first 18 months of work, pointing out any delay or relevant issues.

After introducing the objectives of the JRA work packages in ARIADNEplus, and the structure of the workplan (Section 2), Section 3 gives an overview of the progress, focusing on the four main areas of work during the first 18 months of the project: the ARIADNEplus Infrastructure, the data aggregation, the AO-Cat ontology and the development of the Portal. The detailed work performed in each JRA Work Package is detailed in the Sections 4 to 8, each devoted to a single Work Package. These workpackages include:

• WP12 JRA1 - Data Integration and Interoperability (Lead beneficiary CNR)

• WP13 JRA2 - ARIADNEplus Infrastructure Operation and Management (CNR)

• WP14 JRA3 - The ARIADNEplus knowledge management system (FORTH)

• WP15 JRA4 - Innovative Services for Users (SND)

• WP16 JRA5 - Innovative Methods and Pilots (INRAP)

The Sections are structured in a homogeneous way to facilitate clarity. This structure reports on state of each of the above WPs with regard to Goals, Planned Schedules, Results Obtained in the First 18 months, Problems Encountered and Open Issues, and the Outlook for future progress. Each one also includes a table, reporting the status of the activities and the plans for the next period. Almost all the activities are on schedule, with very few exceptions, due to reasons explained in the related section.

The JRA activities of ARIADNEplus are proceeding according to the planned schedules, and at this time the objectives set for the first two years of the project are on track to be fully achieved. This is a major result, in light of the unforeseen necessity to re-design the aggregation process and revise the ontology upon which the ARIADNE Content Cloud is based, but in spite of this, the new ARIADNE Portal has been made available to the members of the Consortium in March 2020, with less than three months delay. A more detailed account of the JRA activities will be given in the five deliverables expected at M24, one for each JRA Work Package.


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