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Published June 8, 2021 | Version v1
Physical object Open

Spherical treadmill for mouse VR

  • 1. 3Dneuro/Radboud University, Donders Institute for Brain, Cognition and Behaviour
  • 2. New York University
  • 3. 3Dneuro
  • 4. Ernst Strüngmann Institute for Neuroscience
  • 5. Radboud University, Donders Institute for Brain, Cognition and Behaviour


In this design, a 3D-printed base distributes compressed air evenly to support a floating styrofoam ball, while two sensors measure the ball’s rotation speed on 2 axes. It is typically used with virtual reality setups for mouse behavior (Harvey et al. 2009). This open-source project is modified from a design by the Technocenter, Radboud University in collaboration with the Battaglia lab.

The original design was adapted to

  1. Accommodate the Logitech G502 mouse model (earlier model was discontinued)
  2. Distance control – the sensor can be moved closer or away from the styrofoam ball, simply by adding washers between sensor box wall and base. 
  3. Easy access – The sensor box can be easily open/closed (it attaches with magnets), facilitating cleaning. All sensor components can be removed in that way, giving access to the screws that enable distance control.  
  4. Easy anchoring on optic tables with 4 feet compatible with M6 screws.    

This project requires 3D-printed parts (FDM), 2 Logitech G502 mice, a valve and a few screws. See the Assembly Instructions document for a detailed bill of materials and step-by-step instructions.   


Funding source: NWO 058-14-002 Light after dark: Restoring visual perception in inherited retinal dysthrophies


Spherical treadmill

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TACTICS – Translational Adolescent and Childhood Therapeutic Interventions in Compulsive Syndromes 278948
European Commission
NEUROSEEKER – Investigation of local and global cortical circuits with advanced neural probes for high-resolution electrophysiological monitoring and optogenetic stimulation 600925
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