Published June 8, 2021 | Version v1
Dataset Open

Dataset used for HTTPS traffic classification using packet burst statistics

  • 1. FIT CTU
  • 3. CESNET


We are publishing a dataset we created for the HTTPS traffic classification.

Since the data were captured mainly in the real backbone network, we omitted IP addresses and ports. The datasets consist of calculated from bidirectional flows exported with flow probe Ipifixprobe. This exporter can export a sequence of packet lengths and times and a sequence of packet bursts and time. For more information, please visit ipfixprobe repository (Ipifixprobe).


During our research, we divided HTTPS into five categories: L -- Live Video Streaming, P -- Video Player, M -- Music Player, U -- File Upload, D -- File Download, W -- Website, and other traffic.

We have chosen the service representatives known for particular traffic types based on the Alexa Top 1M list and Moz's list of the most popular 500 websites for each category.  We also used several popular websites that primarily focus on the audience in our country. The identified traffic classes and their representatives are provided below:

  • Live Video Stream Twitch, Czech TV, YouTube Live
  • Video Player DailyMotion,, Vimeo, YouTube
  • Music Player AppleMusic, Spotify, SoundCloud
  • File Upload/Download FileSender, OwnCloud, OneDrive, Google Drive
  • Website and Other Traffic Websites from Alexa Top 1M list







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