Published May 7, 2021 | Version v1
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ARDC's project impact tracking requirements for National Data Assets projects

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This presentation was part of an “Orientation to ARDC services and expertise” series, specifically aimed at people involved in one of the ARDC National Data Assets co-investment projects commencing early 2021. ARDC’s National Data Assets portfolio aims to support the development of research data assets and infrastructure to produce reliable high quality research, improve efficiency through greater sharing of resources, catalyse data innovation through data science, and enhance research translation to produce benefits for communities beyond the research sector. To ensure that these strategic goals are achieved, the ARDC requires all National Data Assets projects to plan, implement and report on research outcomes and impact from ARDC invested activities.

This session explained ARDC’s project impact tracking requirements for National Data Assets projects.

A video recording of this session can also be found on ARDC's YouTube channel:



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