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Story Maps of the Social-Ecological Systems of the Case Studies

  • 1. Institute of Agricultural Economics and Information
  • 2. Natural Resources Institute Finland
  • 3. Baltic Environmental Forum Lithuania
  • 4. CREA – Research Centre for Agricultural Policies and Bioeconomy
  • 5. Research Institute of Organic Agriculture
  • 6. Thünen Institute of Farm Economics
  • 7. University of Natural Resources and Life Sciences (BOKU)
  • 8. Bioinstitut o.p.s.
  • 9. ISARA
  • 10. Agricultural University Athens
  • 11. Geonardo
  • 12. Baltic Environmental Forum Latvia
  • 13. WWF Programul Dunare Carpati Romania
  • 14. Gestión Ambiental de Navarra
  • 15. The Swedish University of Agricultural Sciences
  • 16. The James Hutton Institute
  • 17. University of Aberdeen


Story maps are a specific form of website to tell stories by making use of multimedia elements such as pictures, maps and videos. The purpose of story maps in UNISECO is to share the results of the assessment of social-ecological systems (SES) in the case studies with a wider public. The story maps also build on the results of sustainability assessments in Task 3.2 (Landert et al., 2019) and the governance and network assessment in Task 5.2 (Vanni et al., 2019).

These story maps comprise easily understood messages from farmers, rural communities and civil society, businesses and authorities referencing environmental, social, economic and governance issues across rural areas in 15 countries of Europe. The story maps were the basis for co-constructing strategies to support transition of farming systems towards agroecology. The final UNISECO outcomes informed then again an update of existing and new story maps, leading to an updated set of story maps published on the website of the European Network for Rural Development, on WWF Globil and in Deliverable D3.6.


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