Published May 4, 2021 | Version v1
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WordPress as Data, 5 Years In

  • 1. Human Made, WordPress Project


Slides from a talk delivered in May, 2021.

Abstract: In 2016, WordPress introduced a REST API to expose site content as JSON. Also in 2016, we had the opportunity to present at csv,conf about this paradigm shift: what would it mean for all the content in any WordPress website to be accessible as data? Since then, WordPress has fundamentally reinvented itself using that new API. The project has been reimagined from the inside out, with the humble content block as the foundational unit of site data. But, where was that explosion of data-driven WordPress applications we hoped for? In this talk we will look at what worked as we integrated this new API into WordPress, and at where we stumbled. We'll explore how roles, access, and authentication limit the utility of data. We'll candidly discuss how burnout affects project stewardship. And we'll also celebrate a tremendous, successful change of course for a venerable open source project, and think ahead to what "WordPress as Data" may mean in five more years' time!


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