Published April 29, 2021 | Version 1.0
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SIENNA D7.5: Final report on communications

  • 1. Uppsala University


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  • 1. Uppsala University


In this report, we present and evaluate key performance indicators of the SIENNA project’s communication activities for the duration of the project. The report is focused on the third phase of the SIENNA project’s communications strategy (months 31-42), and how communication activities have supported the project’s impact though four activities: namely the SIENNA project’s public consultation of proposals for the ethical management of human genomics, human enhancement, artificial intelligence and robotics; the development and sharing of a series of policy briefs with recommendations for European and national policy-makers; the SIENNA project’s final conference; and a high-level policy event organised by the European Parliament’s STOA network together with the PANELFIT and SHERPA projects.


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