Published April 21, 2021 | Version 1.0
Dataset Restricted

Multimodal sarcasm dataset in Spanish

  • 1. University of Helsinki


This dataset is provided for research use only. Do not redistribute. The videoclips are shuffled in a random order. If you use this data, you do not have the right to try to reorder the video clips. It is the responsibility of the user to ensure they have the required licences/copyrights to use this data in their own country. All rights belong to their respective owners. 

If you use this data in your research, please cite:

Alnajjar, K., & Hämäläinen, M. (2021) ¡Qué maravilla! Multimodal Sarcasm Detection in Spanish: a Dataset and a Baseline. In the Proceedings of Third Workshop on Multimodal Artificial Intelligence (MAI-Workshop).

The data is based on the following work:

Parker, Trey & Stone, Matt (2012). South Park. 16ª temporada. South Park Digital Studios, LLC.

  • Episodio 2. Compramos oro. Fecha de emisión: 21.3.2012
  • Episodio 8. Sarcasmobol. Fecha de emisión: 26.9.2012

Reed, Adam (2015). Archer. 6ª temporada. Floyd County Productions.

  • Episodio 2. Tango para tres. Fecha de emisión: 15.1.2015
  • Episodio 6. Canguro. Fecha de emisión: 12.2.2015



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Academic use only. Whoever uses the corpus must ensure they have the right to do so under the copyright law of their country. No redistribution.

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