Published April 5, 2021 | Version v1
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The Best Practices of Extreme Programming (XP) Quality (Review)

  • 1. Institute of Technology, Middle Technical University, Baghdad, Iraq.
  • 2. College of Computer Science, Tikrit University, Tikrit, Iraq.


Software engineering (SE) plays an important role for improving society‘s well-being through the use of high quality software. There is noted that most of the software projects are failed, due to missing or poor software development practices in software organizations. Due to this reason, having a good and sound software development methodology is crucial for software organization to satisfy stakeholder‘s requirements. One of the prevalent software development methodologies in SE is Extreme programming (XP) methodology. As a matter of fact, an appropriate software development methodology is a fundamental to reach stakeholders’ satisfaction. Within context, it has been a notable failure in software development projects due to the frailty usage of software development methodologies in software organizations. However, Extreme Programming (XP) is an emerging software development methodology that affects positively in term of quality, time and cost among other methodologies.



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