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Hitler's Domestic Politics 1935--1945



      The historical scene throughout the ages witnessed important events and events, events and facts created by personalities. These figures played a role in moving the historical theater. These figures are Adolf Hitler, the German-Austrian leader who left his historical mark through the events he participated in. On the historical stage.

The impact of Adolf Hitler in the reality of Germany, especially the European reality in general, it is not easy to summarize the circumstances that led to that dangerous change in Germany and its directions, which threatened world peace in an unprecedented manner in the history of humanity.

Many studies highlight Hitler's foreign policy and the wars he has waged at the European level while ignoring the actions and actions he has taken to restore his inner front.

From the early days of his accession to power, Hitler worked to take practical steps to unify power. The first step was to dissolve the parliament and hold new elections. He also issued a number of resolutions that included the disabling of articles (114, 117, 118, 123, 124 and 153) 1919. These articles included non-violation of individual freedom, respect for the sanctity of homes, confidentiality of mail, telegrams, teleconference, freedom of speech, debate, opinion, freedom of association, freedom of peaceful assembly and freedom of individual property.

All these measures and others enabled him to confront the major powers and engage in fierce wars with them and managed to defeat and occupy them


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