Published March 8, 2021 | Version v1
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International and national copyright policy action for OA

  • 1. cOAlition S
  • 2. European Commission
  • 3. Trinity College Dublin
  • 4. University College Dublin
  • 5. UKBsis
  • 6. Creative Commons


Slides and recording of the joint SPARC Europe and EIFL webinar. Programme: 

Introduction, Vanessa Proudman, SPARC Europe

Perceptions from the audience. Current policy challenges. Facilitator: Iryna Kuchma, EIFL

Rights retention policy experiences from the field

International research funders presentations
1. The Rights Retention Strategy: cOAlition S and beyond. Johan Rooryck and Sally Rumsey, cOAlition S

2. Open Science and copyright in Horizon Europe. Alea Lopez de San Roman, European Commission

National policymakers presentations
3. “Authors/Institutions are encouraged to retain copyright …” Ireland’s National Open Research Forum and the copyright retention challenge. Niamh Brennan, Trinity College Dublin & Susan Reilly, University College Dublin

4. Using the Dutch Copyright Act to speed up open access: lessons learned from the ‘You Share, We Take Care’ project. Arjan Schalken, UKBsis

5. Academic Rights Retention: maintaining choice and restraining costs. Chris Banks, Imperial College London

Open licensing
6. Unlocking scientific information in the public interest. Brigitte Vezina, Creative Commons

Panel discussion: Where does policy need to align?


1. The Rights Retention Strategy_cOAlition S and beyond.pdf