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D6.2 - Annual Report from Pilots


The goal of “The Food Safety Market” project (TheFSM) is to deliver an open industrial virtual data
platform that will facilitate the exchange and connection of data between different food safety
actors who are interested in sharing information critical to certification. Extensive piloting will
ensure thorough testing of the FSM’s applications and services. Central to this are these
applications: FOODAKAI 2.0, AGRIVI 2.0 and FOODINSPECTOR. All three have to be piloted and
tested extensively before full-scale deployment. Whereas deliverable 6.1 contains a description of
a general pilot plan, this deliverable contains the three separate pilot plans ‒ each tailor-made for
one of the applications. These pilot plans plus their appendixes will be listed in this document in
the following order: FOODAKAI, AGRIVI, FOODINSPECTOR. Although these three documents are
partially overlapping, they also contain application specific pilot information.
The primary purpose of a pilot is to demonstrate that the design and products work in the
production environment as the designers expected and meet the business requirements.
Furthermore, it reduces the risk of encountering problems during the full-scale deployment.
Conducting a pilot consists of the following different activities:
I. Creation of a pilot plan
II. Preparation of the pilot
III. Deployment and test the pilot
IV. Evaluation of the pilot results
V. Adaptations to the products tested in the pilot
VI. Testing the new revised product
VII. Finalization of the product.
The three pilot plans in this deliverable define the scope and objectives of each pilot, identify pilot
participants, where the pilot will be conducted and the duration. It includes a schedule for
deploying and conducting the pilot and plans for training and communicating with pilot
participants, evaluating the pilot, identifying risks and contingencies, and other key activities that
occur during a pilot deployment. Seven separate documents are included in each of the three
pilot plans that will go into these important topics. Overall, the three pilot plans, each specifically
designed for one of the three applications, describe the entire piloting process. All three
documents will be updated several times over the course of this project.


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