Published January 31, 2021 | Version 1.0
Project deliverable Open

D6.1 - Piloting Scenarios & Evaluation Plan


This document provides an overall guidance methodology for the pilot execution in TheFSM
project. It sets out the whole process of developing and conducting a pilot and provides for each
step a guidance on how to execute these activities in an optimal manner. A pilot consists of the
following different steps: i) creation of a pilot plan, including a Data Management Handling Plan
(DMHP), ii) preparation of the pilot, iii) deployment and testing of the pilot, iv) evaluation of the
pilot results, v) making adaptations to the product tested in the pilot, vi) piloting the new revised
product and vii) finalisation of the product. Each of these steps is described in detail including
materials that are needed and made specific for the applications to be tested in the pilots. In
addition, for each pilot and application a local DMHP will also be developed. An outline for such
a DMHP is provided and it describes how relevant data during the pilot should be collected,
processed or generated, how it should be curated and preserved, etc. This document also includes
templates which should be completed for each pilot and application being tested. Finally, some
supplementary materials are provided in the appendix.


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