Published October 31, 2020 | Version 1.0
Project deliverable Open

D3.1 – TheFSM Open Reference Architecture

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The purpose of the deliverable D3.1 “TheFSM Open Reference Architecture” is to deliver the user
requirements and the technical requirements of TheFSM, as well as to deliver the first version of
the conceptual architecture of the TheFSM platform. In order to define the user and technical
requirements in a solid manner, requirements identification and elicitation approach is adopted
that is based on Agile development methodology.
The adopted agile development methodology describes the agile processes, instruments, roles
and methods that are adopted in all the phases of the development of TheFSM platform. This
methodology defines User Stories definition with the appropriate guidelines and the additional
information included within these User Stories. Moreover, it dictates the requirements definition
in terms of key characteristics and requirements classification. Additionally, the TheFSM
stakeholders and their interactions with the platform is clearly defined.
Following this methodology, the User Stories, that are stemming directly from the domain experts
and end users partners of the project, are generated from D1.1 and contain a high-level
description of the excepted behaviour of all sub-systems of the platform from the end-user
perspective. Following the User Stories collection, the user requirements are extracted ensuring
their compliance with the requirements characteristics defined in the methodology. The extracted
user requirements are classified into the functional and the non-functional requirements of the
platform and are utilised in the technical requirements definition that will drive the design and
implementation of the platform.
A comprehensive analysis of the user requirements provided the concrete and solid technical
requirements which are provided as input in the design and specification definition of the
components that will be integrated in TheFSM platform. The list of elicited requirements
constitutes the complete requirements backlog of the platform that will be maintained during the
project implementation in order to guide all development tasks.
These technical requirements are thoroughly analysed in order to provide the first version of the
conceptual architecture of TheFSM platform. This architecture is designed in a modular manner
and is composed by a set of key components with distinct roles and scope towards the aim of
providing the envisioned platform features and that address the stakeholders’ needs as expressed
into the identified technical requirements. For each component, a comprehensive description of
the design and functionalities is documented ensuring that it addresses a specific set of technical
requirements from the list of the technical requirements.
The current deliverable presents the first version of TheFSM conceptual architecture, as well as the
user and technical requirements. However, the design of the architecture is a living and iterative
process that will last until M36 as per the Description of Action. Thus, D3.1 constitutes a living
document that will include the updates that will be based on further identified functional
requirements translated into technical requirements, originating mainly from the evaluation and
feedback received from the pilot partners, and that will introduce updates and refinements in
TheFSM architecture and will be presented in the upcoming versions of this deliverable.


TheFSM D3.1 - Open Reference Architecture_V1_Final_Submitted_2020.10.31.pdf