Published February 26, 2021 | Version v1
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Stellar wind torques in T Tauri stars: how to prevent spin-up?

  • 1. CNRS/IPAG
  • 2. INAF Turin


Classical T Tauri stars (CTTs) magnetically interact with their surrounding disks, a process that controls their rotational evolution. Observations show that CTTs maintain a constant rotation in time, indicative of angular-momentum-loss processes that prevent their stellar spin rates to increase due to both accretion and contraction. Various types of outflows (e.g., magnetized stellar winds, magnetospheric ejections, disk winds) have been proposed to explain this phenomenon. I will present numerical simulations that quantify the magnetic braking (due to stellar winds) in accreting stars. We find that stellar winds originated from CTTs brake the stellar rotation more efficiently than outflows from diskless stars. However, we predict that these winds should eject at >10% of the mass-accretion rate in order to counteract the stellar spin-up due to accretion.



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