Published February 25, 2021 | Version v1
Poster Open

λ Andromedae: Driving a post-main sequence wind from a solar-mass star

  • 1. NUI Galway
  • 2. Trinity College Dublin
  • 3. IRAP, Université de Toulouse
  • 4. LESIA, Paris Observatory
  • 5. University of Michigan
  • 6. California Institute of Technology


We simulated the wind of lambda Andromeda, using two 3D MHD approaches. We modelled the wind as being hot (coronal-driven) and cold (Alfvén wave driven). From these simulations we can derive thermal radio emission from the stellar wind. By comparing this flux density to archival observations of the star, we can place tight constraints on our wind model. We found a mass-loss rate of \(3 \times 10^{-9} \rm{M}_{\odot} \rm{yr}^{-1}\) which agrees with evolutionary trends in mass-loss rates for stars of this type. Further radio observations of this object would be neccessary to determine the exact mechanism producing the radio emission from this star, and therefore aid in tightening the constraints on the wind models.




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