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PULSE dataset

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This dataset is derived and cleaned from the full PULSE project dataset to share with others data gathered about the users during the project.


Any third party need to respect ethics rules and GDPR and must mention “PULSE DATA H2020 - 727816” in any dissemination activities related to data being exploited. Also, you should provide a link to the project associated website:

The data provided in the files is provided as is. Despite our best efforts at filtering out potential issues, some information could be erroneous.

Description of the dataset

The only difference with the original dataset comes from anonymised user information.

The dataset contains data related to different health risk models alongside citizen activity data collected with different sensors.

The dataset content related to the health risk models is described in a dedicated JSON file: PULSE_shared_data_definition_final.json

environmental_monitoring_positions.csv contains the key data about each measuring sensor device deployed by the PULSE project: its brand, model, and a time series of GPS positions (latitude & longitude) where each have been installed throughout the PULSE project (for most devices it is a single urban location where the device has been fixed from the start, but some devices have been mounted on several different locations over time).

The unique_device_id is the key field relating the measured values from the urban_environment_sensor_data_x.csv files with the device information and locations in environmental_monitoring_position.csv file, as described in the updated PULSE_shared_data_definition_final.json JSON file.  


Final version adding measured environmental data.



The record is publicly accessible, but files are restricted to users with access.

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If you access these data, you must mention “PULSE DATA H2020 - 727816” in any dissemination activities related to data being exploited.

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PULSE – Participatory Urban Living for Sustainable Environments 727816
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