Published October 29, 2015 | Version BATG0.5
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Reference genome assembly for European Ash (Fraxinus excelsior) v. BATG0.5

  • 1. Queen Mary, University of London


Released 29/10/2015 and published in Nature in January 2017 ( Paired reads with insert sizes of: 200bp, 300bp, 500b, 5kb and 454 reads were used to build contigs in CLC Genomics Workbench. Scaffolding was performed using SSPACE with all paired reads (those mentioned in addition to Long Jumping Distance libraries of 3, 8, 20 and 40 kbp). Gaps in the scaffolds were closed using GapCloser and further joining of scaffolds was done using PBJelly with the 454 reads. A major update in this version is that the chloroplast and mitochondrial genomes have been extracted from the nuclear genome; both are located at the end of the assembly file. The chloroplast genome is contained in one contig of 155,498 bp, named 'Cp1'. The mitochondrial genome is present as a draft version in 26 contigs, named 'Mt#' (1-26). 



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Ash tree genomics: an urgent need NE/K01112X/1
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