Published February 3, 2021 | Version v1
Presentation Open

SABYDOMA's 1st Legal Workshop on Safe-by-Design

  • 1. University of Leeds
  • 2. Gil & Robles
  • 3. University of Malaya
  • 4. UEF Law School (University of Eastern Finland)
  • 5. University of Michigan
  • 6. Applied Nanoparticles S.L.
  • 7. BioNanoNet Forschungsgesellschft mbH
  • 8. New York University School of Law
  • 9. Institut Catholique d'Arts et Métiers of Lille
  • 10. NILU – Norwegian Institute for Air Research
  • 11. Factor Social


The SABYDOMA project, funded by the EU H2020 programme (grant agreement no. 862296), organised virtually its 1st legal workshop on the Safe-by-Design approach, on 28th  January 2021.

With expert lawyers and scientists from different regions of the world among the speakers, the workshop covered the legal aspects of the Safe-by-Design approach in the nanotechnology sector, expanding out to “By-Design” approaches relevant in other technological industries, such as chemical and pharma.

The workshop was open to scientists, industry and commercial managers, public policy stakeholders, lawyers (in-house, in a public administration or in private practice), compliance officers, patent attorneys, trade associations and NGOs representatives and all other stakeholders having interest in the safe design of (nano)technologies.

One hundred participants joint the workshop with the expectation of increasing their knowledge in SbD (legal) aspects and practical approaches of SbD worldwide. As can be seen in the figures below, participants were from all over the world (Asia, America, Africa, Europe) and included a wide range of stakeholders.

After a warm welcome to the workshop by the moderator Mr Anthony Bochon, from Gil Robles – San Bartolome & Partners (Brussels), SABYDOMA’s coordinator, Prof. Andrew Nelson, from the University of Leeds (UK), gave a short presentation about the project. Prof. Mohammad Ershadul Karim, from the University of Malaya (Malaysia), presented the Asian perspective of the SbD approach and Mr Anthony Bochon, the EU one. Dr Mirella Miettinen, from the UEF Law School (University of Eastern Finland), extended that to further “By-Design“ approaches and interdisciplinarity. This session was followed by the presentation of the current literature status of SbD (by Dr Benjamin Trump (from the University of Michigan, USA) and Mr Ignasi Gispert (from Applied Nanoparticles S.L., Spain). In the last session, Prof. Ira Rubinstein, from the New York University School of Law (USA), gave a talk about the technologies “By-Design” and lessons from privacy-by-design.

The workshop ended with a very interactive Round Table discussion on possible SbD legal approaches, where the six panellists (Prof. Fernand Doridot (from the Institut Catholique d'Arts et Métiers of Lille, France), Prof. Andrew Nelson (from the University of Leeds, UK), Prof. Maria Dusinska (from NILU – Norwegian Institute for Air Research, Noway), Dr Igor Linkov (from Factor Social, Portugal), Dr Benjamin Trump (from the University of Michigan, USA), Mr Ignasi Gispert (from Applied NanoParticles S.L., Spain) were interviewed by the moderator Anthony Bochon.

This first workshop dedicated to the emerging legal definition of SbD will be used as a starting point for an informal working group of stakeholders which will be consulted and share information during the project on legal definition of SbD.


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