Published January 14, 2021 | Version 0.7
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D5.3-Documentation (white goods demonstrator)

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WP5 - ICT Platforms for Multiple Life cycles is one of the most important work packages in ReCiPSS project, representing the foundation for both WP6 - White Goods Demonstrator and WP7 - Automotive Parts Demonstrator. 
One the main tasks of WP5 is the development of the cloud-based IoT platform for white goods (T5.1), that will support circular manufacturing systems in the context of the white goods demonstrators, including smart sensing and communication technologies which can monitor customer behaviour, asset usage and conditions and communicate that information for predictive maintenance.  
Deliverable D5.3 Documentation (white goods demonstrator) is a result of Task 5.3: Integrating, testing and documenting the IoT platform for the white goods demonstrator, and is focused on the integration of the IoT module in a washing machine enabling the gathering of sensor information and communication with the cloud. 


ReCiPSS-D5 3 Documentation (white goods demonstrator) v0 7 1_Final_Public.pdf