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THE SCOPES MONKEY TRIAL: Eugenics, White Supremacy, & Utopian Socialism


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The Scopes “Monkey Trials” was nothing more than a publicity stunt. The beneficiary of this stunt was the international eugenics movement. Some of the influential figures behind the impetus remain well known.  What is not common knowledge is their ties to the eugenics lobby, and, by extension, the explicitly white supremacist views woven into the passages of the book at the center of the controversy.  More to the point, it is incredible that this aspect of this famous trial has not been delved into much. Consider the implications. Several generations of America’s youth were taught the concepts Nazi Germany’s Hitler Youth were schooled in. 

EXCERPT FROM THE EUGENICS ANTHOLOGY - This paper is the extended version of chapters in Vol.1 and Vol.2 of The Eugenics Anthology. This paper goes beyond what was deemed necessary for the scope of those two volumes, but provides information worth preserving and sharing.



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