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ADOLF HITLER: From Common Bigotry to Scientific Racism to Genocide


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     Included is a chapters from Vol. 1 of The Eugenics Anthology book series: “From a ‘Race of Masters’ to a ‘Master Race’: 1948 to 1848.” This chapter is separated out because it covers a specific issue about Adolf Hitler’s evolution from common bigot to genocidal maniac. It is a transformation that is apparent in the timeline of Hitler’s speeches. To the knowledge of this author, no one else has taken note of the discernable change in rhetoric in Hitler’s speeches. Adolf Hitler went from common bigot equipped with the musings of a pedestrian crank, to surfacing from his stint in jail as a genocidal maniac equipped with the scientific racism of Ivy League biologists.

     This is a discernible and all-important change in Hitler’s type of racialism. A survey of Hitler’s pre-Landsberg speeches and his post-Landsberg speeches demonstrate this shift in Hitler’s rhetoric. This divergence and evolution can only be explained with Hitler’s introduction to medical and scientific knowledge. J.F. Lehmann, Hitler’s publisher, brought him books on the International eugenics movement as he was writing “Mein Kampf” while imprisoned in Landsberg. The result of this “education” was the transformation of the man that was nothing more than a pedestrian crank spewing worn-out and commonplace grievances against the Jewish population. The Hitler that emerged from Landsberg was equipped with the much more dangerous “racialist” repertoire of Ivy League biologists and Oxford economists.



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