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Published December 18, 2020 | Version 2020
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PISCES Practical Session for Advanced Users

  • 1. OSU Ecce Terra, LOCEAN, IRD
  • 2. LOCEAN, IRD
  • 3. IPSL, CNRS
  • 4. Mercator Ocean


Material (documents, input files, routines, namelists,...) of the practical session on the marine biogeochemistry model PISCES for advanced users (given online, November 24-26, 2020). Are included:

- A presentation showing the modeling choices, code architecture, and main features of PISCES.

- An introduction to diagenesis and the modeling module.

- A presentation of the sensitivity of PISCES to a set of parameters.

- The document including the three practical sessions, a brief description of the PISCES model and the 1D configuration of NEMO-PISCES, the installation of the NEMO and CROCO configurations used in these practical sessions, and a short summary on the visualization of results with Ferret.

- Sildes showing plots and comments of the main results of the practical sessions #1 "Tuning" and #3 "Sediment".

- A tar file with all the necessary files for the practical sessions. Under the CDOM directory are provided the files and routines as they should be modified in session #2 "Adding a new biogeochemical tracer in PISCES" for both ocean modeling platforms NEMO and CROCO (in case you get stuck).



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