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Published December 8, 2020 | Version release-2020.12.1
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zaneveld/full_spectrum_bioinformatics: Full Spectrum Bioinformatics Development Release 2020.12.1

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This is an initial development release of the Full Spectrum Bioinformatics online textbook. This is not a full release of the entire planned textbook, but rather an incremental development release of some content that is sufficiently developed that it has been used in classes.

Some current features include: -- A series of open-access Jupyter Notebooks discussing topics in Bioinformatics. -- Links to Google Colab to allow students to run notebooks in a browser without installing software -- An outline table of contents shows planned sections, with sections that are in beta status available as live links. -- This release includes 21 new sections, covering topics ranging from sequence analysis to how to revise one's writing about statistical results:

Foreword The Command Line Using the Command Line Exercise: Little Brother is Missing Exploring Python Exploring Python A Tour of Python Data Types Project Design Using Literature Surveys to Ask Good Questions and Propose Testable Hypotheses Biological Sequences An introduction to Biological Sequences Representing and Manipulating Biological Sequences as Python Strings Analyzing Biological Sequences with For Loops and If Statements Reading and writing FASTA files using Python 'Omics An Introduction to 'Omics Working with Tabular 'Omic data in Python using Pandas Phylogenetic Trees Representing Phylogenetic Trees with Python Classes Generating Trees Using Birth-Death Models Simulation Simulating the Population Genetics of Natural Selection and Genetic Drift Statistics Rank Transformations Monte Carlo simulation of Effect Size, Sample Size, and Significance Dealing with Multiple Comparisons Exercise: Revising your writing about statistical results Polishing and Publishing Presenting Research Careers that draw on Bioinformatics Applying for Grants

NOTE: this is very similar to release-2020.12.0, other than minor edits to the readme but I need to re-release to trigger Zenodo to generate a DOI.



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