Published November 30, 2020 | Version 1.0
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Lynx 3.10 Final platform prototype

  • 1. Alpenite
  • 2. Universidad Politécnica de Madrid
  • 3. Cybly


During the task T3.5 “Services/platform integration” the various Lynx microservices developed in WP1 and WP3 have been integrated together in order to provide a single and coherent REST interface. This deliverable, D3.10, ends T3.5 and represents its final product, the platform prototype, whose REST API is documented at the following webpage:

Section 2 of this document describes some reusable specification and patterns used in Lynx architecture and which could be easily adopted in other projects sharing some requirements with this project. The main ones are the Microservice architectural pattern, the REST architectural style, the API gateway pattern, the Lynx Document data model and the Lynx enrichment interface.

Section 3 presents the REST API documentation of the platform prototype, also describing the authorization rules that regulate the access to it.

Finally, section 4 describes the two portals that have been enabled by Lynx technologies to provide citizens an open access to European legislation from a single access point. 


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