Published October 28, 2020 | Version v1
Presentation Open

Monash University - University of Queensland training partnership in Data science and AI


  • 1. Monash University


We describe the peer network exchange for training that has been recently created via an ARDC funded partnership between Monash University and Universities of Queensland under the umbrella of the Queensland Cyber Infrastructure Foundation (QCIF). As part of a training program in machine learning, visualisation, and computing tools, we have established a series of over 20 workshops over the year where either Monash or QCIF hosts the event for some 20-40 of their researchers and students, while some 5 places are offered to participants from the other institution. In the longer term we aim to share material developed at one institution and have trainers present it at the other. In this talk we will describe the many benefits we have found to this approach including access to a wider range of expertise in several rapidly developing fields, upskilling of trainers, faster identification of emerging training needs, and peer learning for trainers.


Skills_summit2020_TitusTang_Monash University_UQ_QCIF_training_partnership_in_data_science_and_AI_slides.pdf