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MAGIC Deliverable D6.5: Shale gas development in the EU 10Km radius well grid scenario

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Geo data set of escenario of shale gas implementation in Europe. Developed for WP 6 of the MAGIC-Nexus project. It derives from a Geomodel of wells and a database of shale gas played developed by the EUOGA project. 

DB Fields------------------------------------------

WELLid: Id of the well

RBid: Id of the River Basin in which the well is located

RBtxtINT: Name of the River Basin -  English

RBtxt: Name of the River Basin -  Country's Name

GWid: Groundwater basin ID

PADid: ID of the extraction pad

Formation: Shale formation

Age: of the well 

Depth_avg: Average depth of the shale (inherited)

Mature_avg: Average matureness of the shale (inherited)

TOC_avg: Average Organic content of the shale (inherited)

ThickGross: Gross Thickness of the shale play in meters (inherited)

ThickNet_m: Net Thickness of the shale play in meters (inherited)

EUOGA_Basi: Basin of the well according ot the EUOGA project database (inherited)

Basin_inde: Id of the shale basin (inherited)

NGS_Basin: Id of the BAsin as stated by the national geological service

Shale_CP: Shale country 

RF_Maturit: Reference Maturity

RF_Depth: Reference Depth

CNTR_CODE, Country code

NUTS_NAME: Name of the NUTS region

NUTid: ID of the NUTS region

x,y Coordinates of the well



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