Published November 21, 2020 | Version v1
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Hyperspectral X-ray CT data set of mineralised ore sample with Au and Pb deposits


General data description:

This is a hyperspectral (energy-resolved) X-ray CT projection data set of a mineralised ore sample with small gold and galena deposits. It was acquired in a laboratory micro-CT scanner with an energy-sensitive HEXITEC detector in the Henry Moseley X-ray Imaging Facility at The University of Manchester.

The data included contains all the relevant files required for reconstruction, following a hyperspectral scan of a mineralised ore sample. The sample contains a number of mineral phases, of varying concentration, distributed throughout. Some phases (including gold, and lead-based Galena) produce unique absorption edges, which act as spectral identifiers that can be measured by an energy-sensitive detector.

File descriptions:

The data set consists of one .txt file and three .mat (MATLAB) data files.

Au_rock_scan_geometry.txt gives a breakdown of the full sample and detector geometry used when acquiring the raw projections. The number of horizontal detector pixels accounts for the fact that a set of 5 tiled scans of the sample were collected and later stitched together.

Au_rock_sinogram_full.mat contains the full 4D sinogram constructed following flat-field normalisation of the raw projection data. The data matrix contains the total number of energy channels acquired during scanning, as well as the conventional elements of vertical/horizontal detector pixel number and total projection angles.

commonX.mat provides a direct conversion between the energy channels, and the energies (in keV) that they correspond to, following a calibration procedure prior to scanning.

FF.mat contains the 4D flatfield data acquired when no sample was present. This data was used to normalise the projection datasets, as the sinogram was constructed.



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