Published June 24, 2020 | Version v0.4.6
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opencontainers/umoci: umoci 0.4.6


umoci has been adopted by the Open Container Initative as a reference implementation of the OCI Image Specification. This will have little impact on the roadmap or scope of umoci, but it does further solidify umoci as a useful piece of "boring container infrastructure" that can be used to build larger systems.

NOTICE: As part of the adoption procedure, the import path and module name of umoci has changed from to This means that users of our (still unstable) Go API will have to change their import paths in order to update to newer versions of umoci.

The old GitHub project will contain a snapshot of v0.4.5 with a few minor changes to the readme that explain the situation. Go projects which import import the archived project will receive build warnings that explain the need to update their import paths.

  • umoci now builds on MacOS, and we currently run the unit tests on MacOS to hopefully catch core regressions (in the future we will get the integration tests running to catch more possible regressions). opencontainers/umoci#318
  • Suppress repeated xattr warnings on destination filesystems that do not support xattrs. opencontainers/umoci#311
  • Work around a long-standing issue in our command-line parsing library (see urfave/cli#1152) by disabling argument re-ordering for umoci config, which often takes --prefixed flag arguments. opencontainers/umoci#328

Thanks to all of the people who made this release possible:

Signed-off-by: Aleksa Sarai



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