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Published June 22, 2020 | Version v2.2.0
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This is a minor release of MAPL. All testing so far shows it to be zero-diff when running the GEOS GCM. However, it does contain a number of updates and fixes to MAPL 2.1.

NOTE: To use this version of MAPL requires a Baselibs of 6.0.13 or higher. It now requires gFTL, gFTL-shared, yaFyaml, and pFlogger.

  • Added LLC grid factory
  • Added support for wildcard expansions (using regex)
  • Added "public" for 2 interfaces: ESMFL_Diff, and ESMFL_statistics
  • Added support for sampling along a 1-D timeseries in History
  • Introduced generic subdirectory
  • String.F90 - encapsulates deferred length strings
  • Added target "build-tests" that will build all tests. This will enable ctest to be more selective about which tests.
  • Added ability of MAPL_GridCompGetFriendlies to recurse its children
  • Added esma_add_subdirectory(ESMA_env) to CMakeLists.txt to allow installation of various files to the bin and etc directories under install prefix
  • Added wildcard support for short name in automatic code generator for gridded components.
  • Added new CI test for building GCM on pull request
  • Refactored aliases in python automatic code generator. Now aliases are tailored per column. This allows T/F to be safely used as aliases for .true./.false. without risking things like the short name of Temperature.
  • Move to use Baselibs 6.0.13
    • Update CI to use Baselibs 6.0.13 (GCC 9.3.0)
    • Update components.yaml
      • ESMA_env v2.1.5
      • ESMA_cmake v3.0.3
  • Updates for JEDI/ecbuild compatibility
    • Updates to CMake to use NOINSTALL
    • Update components.yaml to use NOINSTALL
      • ESMA_cmake v3.0.6
      • ecbuild geos/v1.0.5
  • Renamed MAPL_Profiler executable demo.x to profiler.x
  • Renamed directories. Sub-libraries now named MAPL.<sub>

    • ./MAPL_Base => ./base (MAPL.base)
    • ./GMAO_pFIO => ./pfio
    • ./MAPL_Profiler => ./profiler
    • ./MAPL_Shared => ./shared
  • Updated components.yaml to use ESMA_env and ESMA_cmake if building MAPL as standalone

  • Removed duplicate Python directory
  • Removed CircleCI



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