Published June 5, 2020 | Version v1
Poster Open

Let's not reinvent the wheel!: using open access questionnaire for gaining future research direction

  • 1. Library of the University of Latvia


Since the production of survey content is a time-consuming process, why not re-use the one already available and prove in practice how the open access works? The poster reflects the idea of adapting the open access questionnaire and collecting the opinion on Open Science topics.  

This pilot research aims to approve an innovative questionnaire method while building the OS landscape of Latvia and to highlight the direction of the next steps towards the completion of this research. It is based on an open access survey already developed by the Centre for Research in Science and Mathematics Education (CRECIM) of the Autonomous University of Barcelona (UAB) and published on ORION. Authors of the current research have tried to explore the existing open access questionnaire in a different region. As a result of this activity the experience of adapting questionnaires and the re-usage outcomes are gained along with the responses from the researchers of Latvia.

The questionnaire analysis shows that researchers in Latvia are interested in open science issues yet point out a wide range of difficulties - the financial aspects, the lack of the appropriate infrastructures, and lack of knowledge in the field. Although researchers see the practical input of open science principles in increasing efficiency and transparency, they are concerned about the dishonesty of the budgeting and funding.

The current approach serves as an example of exploring the open culture principles on working with already existing and licensed forms and not reinventing the wheel.  This research made think of questions like does the openly available questionnaire have its termination date, should all the questions be adapted, where the survey materials are stored, what outcomes it fulfills after all?



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