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From observing the ocean to predicting the future: How Blue-Action is helping stakeholders adapt to the changing climate

  • 1. Danish Meteorological Institute
  • 2. Marine Scotland Science
  • 3. Scottish Association for Marine Science
  • 4. University of Bergen
  • 5. DTU Aqua
  • 6. SAMS Research Services Ltd
  • 7. Climate-KIC


The Arctic is warming twice as fast as anywhere else on the planet and rapid changes are occurring, from sea ice melt to warming air temperatures. However, these impacts are not restricted to the far north, as the Arctic is connected to the rest of the world via the atmospheric and ocean circulations. Understanding the drivers of these changes, and the connections between the Arctic and the Northern Hemisphere, allows us to make predictions about the impact beyond the Arctic. Developing robust predictions is a vital step to allow businesses, communities and government to be able to adapt to the future.

Blue-Action is building blocks of ocean observations and computer models to co-design tools that enable stakeholders to act on climate change. 


The Blue-Action project has received funding from the European Union's Horizon 2020 research and innovation programme under grant agreement No 727852.



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Blue-Action – Arctic Impact on Weather and Climate 727852
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