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Requirements and protocol of the 3D documentation of the Heritage Crafts tools




This thesis is part of the Mingei project that studies some crafts as cultural heritage. The goal of it is to make the 3D representation of the tools used in glass making and mastic production. It examines several methods of representing the real world in a 3D aspect. The goal is to give everyday people the chance to get in touch with those crafts tools over a tangible representation of their 3D image.

Mingei is a project conducted by several institutes and labs throughout Europe. The aim of it is to explore the possibilities of representing and making accessible both tangible and intangible aspects of craft as cultural heritage to the public. Cultural heritage has significant impact on history and economy of the countries that are found on. It is particularly important to preserve it as it is close to extinction nowadays.

In 3D computer graphics, 3D modeling is the process of making a 3D presentation of an object surface using specialized software. The software used here is Blender. It is a free powerful software that provides many tools and techniques to construct 3D models. The outcome of each blender project is a 3D model. The creator of those models is called a 3D artist. Methods and techniques of 3D design will be discussed throughout the case studies.

Glassblowing is a glass forming technique in which the glassblower inflates molten glass through a blowpipe. He reforms the glass in order to make nice looking shapes. Mastic production is the process of making mastic. Mastic is something like a gum that it is produced in Chios which is a Greek island. Both crafts need several tools to  that will be made in 3D to achieve the final result.

There will be extensive reference to the methods used. From plain 3D modeling to 3D scanning.The case studies will be presented with step by step representation of the procedure. A lot of sub methods will be discussed so the user can choose the best applicable in each occasion.

In conclusion the goal of this thesis is to represent the tools used on the crafts above and the way they are made. 3D modeling is probably the best way to do it because it’s the most effective way for people to feel those tools.


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