Published April 9, 2020 | Version 1.0
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'BRAVE' Groundwater Futures for Burkina Faso: Critical Planning for the Water Sector

  • 1. Walker Institute, University of Reading


On the 13th November 2019, the Walker Institute, in collaboration with Climate Analytics and British Geological Survey, ran a workshop attended by government departments, NGOs and academic representatives from the Burkina Faso Water Sector.

The purpose of this one-day workshop was to engage with prominent Burkinabe stakeholders including representatives from the Departments of Water and Sanitation, Environment and Sustainable Development along with academic institutes such as the University of Fada, civil society organizations and development partners to explore the “Groundwater Futures” from the BRAVE project. The Burkinabe government will be reviewing their National Action Plan for the water sector in 2020 and this workshop provided a space for open and collaborative discussion not only with the water sector, but multiple other departments and organizations in support of this NAP review process. The scenario planning provided an opportunity to examine critical gaps in knowledge, propose additional measures and identify concrete actions to include in a National Action Plan for the water sector. 

This report documents the scenario planning process, the key messages that arose and concrete actions proposed.



BRAVE Scenario Planning Report - Walker-Climate Analytics - 13 Nov 2019 Burkina Faso_Final.pdf

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Building understanding of climate variability into planning of groundwater supplies from low storage aquifers in Africa - Second Phase (BRAVE2) NE/M008983/1
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